27.4. 2018 at 19:00 !!

A scenic concert within the Faust Festival in Munich:

The compositional class of Jan Müller-Wieland and the vocal class of Christiane Iven have teamed up to premiere new Gretchen songs in vocals / piano. In a scenic arrangement by Waltraud Lehner and Elli Neubert, these new compositions are combined with works by Schubert, Verdi, Liszt, Berlioz, Gounod and many others.

The Faust material has inspired many composers to various works. In the center of this concert is not Faust, but rather the figure of Gretchen, which was portrayed in very different songs and arias. Inspired by the tragic fate of this young woman in love, the young composition students have set each fragmentary lines from the primal fist ,

In the Carl Orff Auditorium of the HMTM in the Lusienstrasse 37a