Where do I come from
From unhurried Ammerland in Eastfrisia/Northern Germany.
Why do I sing?
Out of love, passion, fascination and lust for music and especially to singing itself as a medium of profound and existential emotions and spiritual condition.
And what do I like apart from singing?
Literature, theater, the arts, Arthouse-cinema, dancing, playing piano, mountain climbing, barefooting through greenwood and meadows, open discussions about sense and nonsense of life and many more.
My own personal musical highlight?
Singing Donna Anna in „Don Giovanni“ at the University of Music and Dance Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig/ Germany in 2017, as well as the Blaue Fee (Blue Fairy) in the fairy-tale opera „La Belle au bois dormant“ as part of the Opéra de Lyon opera studio in 2018.
My motto?
"Only those live to see miracles who believe in miracles" (Erich Kästner)


Born in 1995, soprano Henrike Henoch sang in season 2017/18 the role of the Blaue Fee (Blue Fairy) in „La belle au bois dormant” within the scope of the opera studio of the Opéra de Lyon and Pastore (Shepherd) in „Tosca” at the Leipzig Opera. Furthermore, she performed as Sophie Scholl in „Weisse Rose” by Udo Zimmermann at the University of Musik and Theater in Leipzig (HMT).
In May 2017 she embodied Donna Anna in „Don Giovanni” at the HMT Leipzig and the Hofoper Jena/ Germany.
She is a winner of the Albert- Lotzing- Competition in 2017 and is an awardee (3.prize) of the junior category of the „Bundeswettbewerb Gesang” (National Voice Contest) in 2016.
She appeared in the range of sacred music with her versatile repertoire from Bach to Pärt in various churches in Germany already. She pursued her passion for chamber music in Duo- and Triocasts in recitals.
In June 2018 she sang in the Gewandhaus Leipzig the part of the Solo-Soprano in the 3rd Symphony by Carl Nielsen under the music direction of Kristjan Järvi.
She completed her Bachelor at the HMT Leipzig in the voice class of Prof. KS Regina Werner-Dietrich. Masterclasses and music cooperation with Prof. KS Christiane Iven, Prof. Valérie Guillorit, Prof. Ilse- Christine Otto and KS Brigitte Eisenfeld gave her further important impulses.
Since winter semester 2018/19 Henrike Henoch studies at the Theaterakademie August Everding in the voice class of KS Prof. Christiane Iven her master degree in opera performance.



HENRIKE HENOCH sings “Je dis que rien ne m’épouvante” by G. Bizet