Working method

In order to learn professional singing, in order to express music and poetry with our voice, we need warmth of heart and a clear head, naturalness and virtuosity, imagination and control. Our task is to hone the sense of what is essential and precious in music. Then we can soar to the heights!

University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich

The letters stand for Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, in English the University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich, where Prof. Christiane Iven teaches singing in co-operation with the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding. Here anyone interested will find a few facts, some information, and useful links.


Here you’ll find all the news concerning interesting master classes with Prof. Christiane Iven. You’re very welcome to find out all about them!

Jury activity

Prof. Christiane Iven accepts and at the same time enjoys the responsibility that comes with membership of a competition jury – it allows her to get to know many young and talented up-and-coming artists!

BDG Munich

The National Association of German Vocal Pedagogues (BDG e.V.) is an organisation of vocal pedagogues from music universities, music academies, conservatories and music schools, as well as freelance voice teachers, in Germany. Founded in Detmold on 16 April 1988, it is a co-founder and member of the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA) and exclusively pursues communally beneficial goals. The BDG offers further training, forums, conventions, and interdisciplinary collaboration, with the goal of sharing new findings in vocal research, interesting pedagogical strategies, and possibilities of exchange of technical expertise. Since 2014, KS Prof. Christiane Iven has been an active member of the BDG and of the EVTA. Since the summer of 2015, she has organised, together with her colleagues Sabine Lahm and Brigitte Jäger, interesting events for further training with regard to the voice in the series “BDG vor Ort”. Furthermore, Prof. Christiane Iven acts as a consultant for the vocal pedagogy course of instruction offered by the BDG. This course offers instruction of competency in vocal pedagogy and vocal physiology. Singers who have completed their studies, music educators, and church musicians, as well as choir and ensemble directors can further their studies in highly qualified technical methodology and work toward a certification.